AEM Author

I specialize in generating new content and editing existing content on pages, using predefined templates for efficient creation. I manage assets, collections, and publications, and develop campaigns with related resources. My expertise includes creating and managing community sites, handling content operations like moving, copying, or deleting pages and assets, and publishing or unpublishing content as needed to keep your site dynamic and engaging.

VMware Explore Event Site

For the Explore Event Website, my role involved collaborating with the VMware Digital Marketing team to rebuild the event microsite templates within AEM.

I actively engaged with the Event team to understand their requirements, gather feedback, and incorporate their input into the templates. We developed new modules and components for the site to enhance its functionality.

Leveraging Adobe Experience Manager's (AEM) module system, I ensured that the templates were effectively implemented within the AEM platform, following best practices, guidelines, and branding standards.

Role: Branding, Design, AEM Author, Page Layout

Landing Pages

This collaboration with the VMware GMO team aims to deliver high-quality templates that streamline the creation of engaging microsites and landing pages. By incorporating recommended imagery, icons, and illustrations, these templates help maintain brand consistency, elevate brand presence, and enhance user experience across various digital touch points.

Role: Branding, Design, AEM Author, Page Layout

Right and Left Form Format:
Create a template that supports a form layout on both the right and left sides of the page.
Enable seamless user interaction and data collection through well-designed forms.

Thank You:
Develop a template that delivers a visually appealing and personalized "Thank You" page experience to users.
Enhance the post-submission process by providing a positive and engaging user journey.=

Demand Gen:
Design a template optimized for demand generation campaigns.
Implement effective lead capture mechanisms and persuasive content to drive user engagement and conversions.

Build a comprehensive microsite template that accommodates various content types and sections.
Utilize AEM's capabilities to create a cohesive and immersive microsite experience for targeted campaigns or specific topics.

VMware Brand Central

Working in Adobe AEM daily, in 2017, I leveraged the platform to establish Brand Central, a pivotal platform designed to empower VMware users in harnessing our brand guidelines and assets effectively. Within Adobe AEM, I constructed a centralized hub that impeccably embodied VMware's brand guidelines, enabling us to maintain brand consistency across all marketing and communication endeavors.

Adobe AEM played a pivotal role in streamlining our brand management efforts. Rather than relying on static PDF guidelines, we migrated our brand guidelines into dynamic AEM pages hosted on Brand Central. This transition not only ensured faster access to the latest information but also eliminated the issue of outdated guidelines circulating within the organization. Thanks to AEM, Brand Central became the go-to resource for up-to-date brand information, facilitating smoother brand adherence and consistency throughout VMware's operations.

Role: Branding, Design, AEM Author, Page Layout

Inline HTML code (AEM)

AEM Modules provide a versatile platform for web content management, allowing you to enhance the functionality of your web pages. One of the capabilities I utilized was the Text Edit field, which enables you to incorporate inline HTML functionality directly into modules.

For instance, when faced with a request for a table with colored sections within a module, I leveraged this feature. By inserting HTML code into the WYSIWYG editor, I could customize the module to create a table functionality using the Text component. This approach showcases the flexibility of Adobe AEM, as it empowers you to extend the capabilities of your components even if a specific module is not readily available in your component library. This adaptability and customization potential are some of the key strengths of Adobe AEM, allowing you to tailor your web experiences to meet unique requirements and design specifications.

Role: HTML, AEM Author