Welcome to my portfolio! Explore the four key areas of my work: Conceptual Design and Aesthetic, showcasing innovative ideas and visuals; Art Direction, highlighting my leadership in crafting cohesive visual narratives; AEM Author, demonstrating my expertise in content creation and management; and Portfolio Highlights, featuring my standout projects. Discover how my creative process and strategic thinking come together to deliver exceptional design solutions.

Showcases my approach to crafting compelling visuals, both realized projects and concepts, offering insight into my creative process and meticulous attention to detail.

As a Art Director, I manage teams and agencies, promoting and protecting the company's brand identity and market presence, shaping its perception among target audiences and stakeholders.

As an AEM Author, I create and manage content using Adobe AEM, delivering interactive, brand-consistent pages that provide exceptional user experiences.

Featured Work: Portfolio Highlights

As a Senior Designer, I craft visual elements that define brand identity and messaging. I collaborate to strategize business goals and create engaging designs for branding and digital interfaces.

Hi, I'm Houston. Welcome to my portfolio.

Accomplished Art Director - Designer with over 20 years of experience leading enterprise-level brand transformations and driving impactful visual communication. Skilled in unifying fragmented brand experiences, developing comprehensive guidelines, and empowering cross-functional teams to ensure consistent brand execution.

Currently open to full time work. If you’re looking for design expertise, I’d love to hear from you.